Our Registrar

At the outset I want to thank our Hon'ble visionary Chief Minister Sri Nitish Kumar ji for establishing this futuristic University to transform and redefine the face of education. His aim was to initiate and promote academics encompassing all possible knowledge fields rather than compartmentalizing the University to 'technical courses', which is generally understood to include the training of engineers and technicians for work in industry, construction, transportation, communications, agriculture, and forestry.

We are aware of the fact that the foundation of a state is the education of its youth. AKU has been providing relevant employment skills to its students to help them stay competitive. The chief resource of a society is skilled workforce on whom the economic competitiveness of the society depends on. The skills and competencies of the work force, in turn, are dependent upon the quality of education and training systems.

The University is striving hard to achieve its objective of excellence, while bravely facing some major challenges i.e. to measure up to the huge expectations of the younger generation, to design contemporary curriculum for preparing Doctors/Engineers/ Managers/ Scientists etc. for emerging challenges, to solve existing challenges and to compete internationally. We are making all efforts to surmount the existing challenges and produce a productive workforce not only in the field of medicine, engineering and other vocational courses but also in social sciences and some other non-traditional courses such as Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, who are technically sound, professionally competent and socially relevant. It is overwhelming to inform you that very soon we will be starting some important courses viz. river studies, mass communication and economics.

We sincerely intend and endeavor to bridge the gap between knowledge and theory through the efforts of the faculty that make the learning process interesting, participative, stimulate, multi-dimensional and dynamic. Our emphasis on discipline is unremitting, with all the requisite checks and balances. The physical infrastructure development on the campus is in tune with the rapid progress on the academic front and is significant step to be one of the leading institutions of professional, technical and vocational education in the country.

Lastly, I sincerely believe that students are the main assets and messengers of a University. The transformation of their mind with its limitless potential will make this University a class of its own. It is possible only if they share the dream and passion to achieve it. The whole purpose of education is to learn, unlearn and relearn. Procuring an admission in this University is not the achievement but to sustain the goal, learn and unlearn in the journey, to practice the profession with highest ethical standards and to involve pro-actively in the issues facing the society, is the real achievement. I quote Herbert spencer to express myself, "The Great Aim of Education is not Knowledge but Action."

With thanks to all
Dr. Shankar Kumar
(Associate Professor, HoD, Department of Physics, Patna Science College, Patna)
Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna