Councils under AKU

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Under section 17 of chapter I of Aryabhatta knowledge University (AKU) Statutes 2011, the Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor is pleased to constitute the "Post Graduate Research Council" (Education) consisting the following members :-

  1. The Vice-Chancellor, AKU, Patna - Chairman
  2. The Deans, School of Educational Training and Research, AKU, Patna - Member
  3. All Heads of the Department of the concerned school -Member
    (Presently there is no department in the concerned School)
  4. Four teachers of the concerned school to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor in each academic year - members
    1. Father Thomas Perumalil,
      St. Xaviers College of Education, Digha Ghat, Patna.
    2. Prof. (Dr.) Preeti Sinha,
      St. Xaviers College of Education, Digha Ghat, Patna.
    3. Dr. Gyandeo Mani Tripathi,
      Maitreya College of Education & Management, Vaishali.
    4. Mrs. Nutan Sahay,
      Govt. Women's College, Gardanibagh, Patna.

Memo no : 012/Acad/01-02/AKU/2015-3178 Dated : 17.10.2015