List of Vocational & Professional Colleges under AKU

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1. 102-Vidya Vihar Institute of Technology, Purnia
25. 384-Imperial College of Business & Science, Patna
2. 103-Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Patna
26. 387-Fatuha Professional Training Institute, Fatuha, Patna
3. 106-Sityog Institute of Technology, Aurangabad
27. 389-Subhwanti Institute of Professional Education, West Champaran
4. 115-Azmet Institute of Technology, Kishanganj
28. 390-Oxford Business College, Patna
5. 119-Adwaita Mission Institute of Technology, Banka
29. 392-Mona College of Professional Education, Patna
6. 121-Moti Babu Institute of Technology, Forbesganj
30. 393-Varma College of Professional Education, Ara (Bhojpur)
7. 123-Siwan Engineering & Technical Institute, Siwan
31. 421-Champaran College of Professional Education, East Champaran
8. 302-St. Xavier's College of Management & Technology, Patna
32. 423-Chaitanya International Business College, Gaya
9. 307-National Institute of Health Education & Research, Patna
33. 424-Mother Teressa Management College, Bihta, Patna
10. 310-Cimage Professional College, Patna
34. 428-Kusumraj Educational Institution, Bikram, Patna
11. 313-International School of Management, Patna
35. 430-Dr. Zakir Hussain Institute For Non-Formal & Continuing Education, Patna
12. 316-Institute of Management and Planning & Advanced Computer Training (IMPACT), Patna
36. 432-MSJ College Of Professional Education, Bahadurpur, Patna
13. 331-Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education, Danapur, Patna
37. 433-Magadh Professional Institute, Danapur
14. 334-Indian Institute of Business Management, Patna
38. 437-Divine Institute of Management & Studies, Siwan
15. 336-Ganga Global Institute of Management Studies, Begusarai
39. 440-Patliputra College of Professional Education, Patna
16. 350-Subhwanti Institute of Education, Siwan
40. 441-Satyam International Institute of Technology and Management, Patna
17. 371-M.G.M College, Patna
41. 442-Chanakya College of Higher Studies, Patna
18. 372-Gautam College, Bhaganbigha, Nalanda
42. 443-Usha Institute of Professional Education, East Champaran
19. 373-Himalaya College of Professional Education, Patna
43. 444-Rajan Mamata Degree College, Aurangabad
20. 374-Bradford International Business School, Patna
44. 454-Ranjana Institute, Bheria Rahika, Katihar
21. 375-Chanakya Institute of Management and Higher Studies, Bhojpur
45. 460-Dr. Kumar Educational Institution, Araria
22. 379-Dhanarua Training Institute, Dhanarua, Patna
46. 461-Shukla College of Professional Education, Sithamarhi
23. 381-Muzaffarpur College of Professional Education, Muzaffarpur
47. 463-Global Foundation for Higher Studies, Patna
24. 382-Mata Sita Sundar College of Education, Sitamarhi
48. 470-Jinvani Management College, Bhojpur (Ara)